2014 Jeremy Pinkerton Scholastic Grammar Award

The winner of the first Jeremy Pinkerton Scholastic Grammar Award (2014) is: Emma Calhoun

The following is the address by Mrs. Mary Anne Fitzgerald and Mr. Sean McDermott upon the occasion of the presentation of the first award...

Today we are here to honor a Middle School student who has excelled in the subject area of grammar. We are giving the first ever Jeremy Pinkerton Scholastic Grammar Award in honor and memory of Jeremy who attended the Covenant School from August 1996 through June 2005. He was here at Covenant a total of nine years.

Jeremy was described by a family friend as “an energetic imp with stunning dimples. He dashed, and crashed, and poked, and tested the rules at each turn.” These words describe Jeremy to a “t.”

Most of all, Jeremy was a marvelous English student, and he loved grammar. The first year I was at Covenant in 2000, Jeremy was in a regular English class. His own peers used to say that he did not belong; he should be moved to an Honors Class. At Christmas, I moved him, and he continued to analyze, reanalyze, and challenge my expertise in grammar on every point. There was no stone that Jeremy left unturned.

Tragically, Jeremy died on Sunday, August 15, 2010. He was killed in a car accident on the way to a family gathering.

Although his parents, Dr. JoAnn and Bro Pinkerton, are not here today, they have painstakingly chosen a book, grammar of course, for the award recipient. They have also donated a plaque, which will hang in the display case in the yellow wing lounge.

Jeremy’s legacy lives on in so many ways, and this award is a true measure of the accomplishment Jeremy earned in the field of grammar.

Criteria for the award are the following:

1. Status of 7th or 8th grade student

2. Outstanding grades in grammatical studies

3. A desire to master the syntax of the language,

4. In general, a love of language.

The winner of the first Jeremy Pinkerton Scholastic Grammar Award is:

Emma Calhoun